How The World Can Live Earth-friendly Easily

With the way things are going, I would say that we do not have much time left to repair the damage we have done and continue to do during our time here on Earth. Fortunately, however, we are seeing a lot of attempts on fixing this, and good ones at that. A lot of technology is becoming available that works well with nature and even mimics it, making it more productive and self-sustainable–two qualities that are needed desperately for our consumerist world.



Below is a short amazing film on biomimicry. The most fascinating way to make our world more earth-friendly is by learning from its masters, nature itself. If you don’t have time, or enough data on your phone, then here’s a summary:

  1. Spiders create fibre that is 5x stronger than steel, textile companies are looking into this as a means of improving their materials.
  2. Abalone uses material in seawater to construct their shells. They do this by secreting proteins that create a charged template that attracts calcium and carbonate. It is self sustainable as it is self repairing.
  3. Carbon dioxide is used by nature as a building block, it helps plants build sugars such as cellulose and starch.
    1. Companies like Novomer use CO2 emissions to make their plastics
    2. New Light uses a more toxic emission, methane, to make packaging materials.
    3. BluePlanet, like coral, is using CO2 and seawater to manufacture concrete. It uses up a 1/2 ton of CO2 for every ton of concrete
  4. Students developed an idea watching schools of fish swim. The schools fish produce waves that push other fish upstream faster, while also conserving energy. These students mimicked these fish, by placing wind turbines together, thereby producing over 10x more wind power.
  5. Scientist found that a fungus aided a certain grass that lived near a hot spring in extreme conditions. These networks of mycelium have the ability to grow 5x more rice with half the amount of water.
  6. The way people colour stuff uses up a lot of toxins and chemicals. To eliminate this, we can turn to the way peacocks and other animbiomimic butterflyals and insects produce colour using structure. The shape and structure of their layers, filters different wave-lengths of light that produces different colours seen by our eyes. The bonus of this, is no fading and 4x more brightness.
  7. Leaves are self cleaning, as they contain tiny little hills that ball up water on their surface. As dirt clings on these mini mountain tops, water balls roll over it, collecting the dirt and pushing it off the leaf. Rooftops and other surfaces that humans use can benefit from this concept.
  8. Sharks skin repels bacteria by acting as a shield that bacteria cannot easily adhere to. A company called Sharklet has made different products that have the same surface. This eliminates the use of chemicals and spread of disease in places like hospitals, and even your own home!

Nature is fascinating indeed, I have to say if I were rich I would dump a lot of my money into these great companies. Below I compiled even more companies and ideas that will get an individual started on an earth-friendly, independent life. There is more out there of course, but these are my favourites.

Instead of saving up for a douchey car or a designer purse, save up for some land and buy some of these things!


Easy Cabin Tool kit for only $16,000.

Inside Aquaponics (coming soon)


Keep your house warm with a green house!

This easy honey making machine, all you have to do is pour the tap and honey comes out! Part of my belief is that agriculture will become so easy one day, we won’t have to do much work at all. Just lounge around and pet our farm animals and sip on our homemade honey wine. :3 No more 8 hour work shifts!

Getting Free Heat using compost!

Compost your food scraps off the counter top! It’s so easy, and then you have great compost afterwards to grow your own food.


Why Live independently?

Living independently is a great way to be earth-friendly and all these things can help a person live a comfortable easy and healthy life.

Growing your own food is good for you health! The only way to get the 6 essential sugars that keep your body healthy and energized.



Connecting Permaculture Principles to your Greenhouse




Astral Travel Research- Silver Cord and more

silver cordI have been astral travelling for 2 years with an average of 3 travels per month and that amount has been increasing lately. Part of my goal is to try prove that astral travel is real, that it is significant to our lives and means more than a hallucination.

I have seen many articles from main stream media that say astral travel is just ‘fantasizing and dreaming’. This is because there’s no effort to make a scientific measure when it comes to astral projection.  That being said, that doesn’t mean we can’t test it out ourselves for our own beliefs, or to show others our perspective on the matter.. So far I have experienced the following that I will post in detail later.

  1. I have had travels that linked to dreams my  partner has dreamt–  more than once.
  2. I have seen objects in my house while astral travelling, that I did not know were there before, until I checked in real life.
  3. A house near my place was in my astral travel experience that I never consciously remembered being there.
  4. I went to a  park that was near my friends place during a travel, a week later when we went to pick her up, I saw that park.
  5. I went through gridded tunnels that I googled later to find that it is a common thing to experience during astral projection, most famously, mentioned by Robert Bruce.
  6. I was the earth and had felt the earthquake and the anger of her as she shook, she was so mad that she did not care if humans died. It happened at the same time as the earthquake in Haida Gwaii at 7am April 24th 2015. Luckily no one died, but I sensed a lot of upset in her. The following day in Nepal, 9,000 people died in another earthquake.
  7. In the same experience I dreamt of a prop shop, where my partner was at the time.
  8. I found tunnels underneath Vancouver during a travel, and researched it later to find that there is indeed, tunnels there.
  9. The silver cord experience that I will explain,

There was many more experiences that confirmed my beliefs, not to mention the stuff I learnt about how Astral Travel was used by shamans/medicine men of my native culture. I still sometimes have doubt that it will ever be important again but these doubts diminish as each experience brings me something new and exciting. I also believe it is important that people get in touch with this spiritual side of them, as we can use it as a means of helping each other in many ways. Perhaps even shifting our focus towards more spiritual means, as oppose to the more materialistic needs that our modern culture demands.


For those of you who came to read about the silver cord, here is my experience.


Dream log:

I saw the so called silver cord when I tried to astral travel. At first I didn’t know what this line was that I kept seeing, it was about a couple centimetres thick and looked kind of like a cob web type thing.  I  was climbing up a beam at the time, to get myself away from my body.  It seemed to be the easiest way since trying to walk out the door and passing through the wall was waking me up each try. The angle might have made the silver cord visible to me for the fist time. Since before it had not been so obvious.

Then I grabbed the cord and it made sounds as I touched it. The sounds were pretty overwhelming. As I focused in on the cord, I saw that it was like a long spring. I saw my body underneath the covers, and the chord leading back to it. There was a golden cloud of mist floating over my body. I wondered what it was. 

Since I was having  a hard time getting away from my body and out of the house, I tried tugging at the chord, it made all sort of sounds that were so clear and magical sounding. The chord wouldn’t go any further though, and I also noticed something strange. Hidden by the gold mist, the cord was also being pulled inside of a dark square that was on my wall. I tried to get the cord out of the dark square, and I think I remember this dark square being framed by carved cedar. 

I tugged and pulled and it made all sorts of sounds. I was growing weak. 

My astral body went back to my physical but now I was stuck there. I started to get really scared, what if I put myself in a coma tugging at the cord? I started to calm myself down before anything scarier could happen. I laid there for awhile trying to wiggle my toes and hands. I could hear banging around the house, since my landlord was fixing stuff up there. 

Finally my sister came in to my room and I was out. I wondered later if the gold mist was the unfinished meditation. I usually spread gold light around my body and house, sometimes city and planet depending how loving I feel. My body detached too early though and I didn’t get a chance to spread it. 



I did some research after, wondering why the cord looked like a spring, I entered: Silver Cord, astral, and spring and found the following quote:

“Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, or the golden bowl is broken; before the pitcher is shattered at the spring, or the wheel broken at the well, and the dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.”

Ecclesiastes 12:6-7 in the Old Testament

I thought that the gold light above my body was something from the meditation technique I use, but could it be the “golden bowl”? My cord did resemble a spring, and  pitcher in latin means  vessel, which symbolically represents the human body. If we imagine our body being a well, and were pulling the bucket out of it (spirit/body/astral body) and the cord breaks, then we are probably out of luck.

Recall that my cord was being pulled through a black square, was the black square the wheel? It did bend in the V-shape into the darkness, like it is below, bending at the wheel.

I am not so sure about this theory however, as I have not found anyone else seeing the cord being connected to anything other than their bodies (no wheel source to speak of, aka dark square) I am also not sure what they mean when they are referring to the golden bowl. But, these things really happened, was it just coincidence?


Meditation for Astral Travel and Relaxation

meditateI spent a great deal of elementary and high school learning how to meditate. I read every technique I could get my hands on, in the hopes of reaching the state I once was in as a child. I remember the last time I felt it was when I was six years old. It was like being in a trance, where you could feel the energy signature of anything you ever wished.

It is a well known fact that kids are in the alpha brain wave state, the same state that someone enters under meditation and hypnosis. This occurs for them until the age of seven. Interestingly, this state also allows rapid learning and retention of knowledge, that is often rooted at an unconscious level.

Trying to go back to this stage is a very difficult process, but it is possible. Meditation is a key way to enter it again, and will help you maintain a healthy mind and spirit. The following is my own technique that I developed over time, with the help of reading many books and taking advice from a variety of people.

Meditation Steps

Step 1. Relax Muscles

I lay down on my back and begin to relax with my eyes closed, breathing lightly. I start with the most tense part of my body: my neck, back and head. Sometimes I picture needles coming out of the muscles, sometimes it’s knives, threads etc. Sometimes I just have to picture the muscle relax and that is enough. It really depends how tense I am, and how much focus I can put into it.

Step 2. Cleanse Aura

After every muscle is relaxed, I work on my aura. I make sure it has no gaps in it. Gaps can be detected where ever your muscles feel the most tense. The gaps can also be detected after you have relaxed all your muscles. If you are really in tune with your body and surrounding energies, you can feel the tenseness lingering in the air outside your body, often times where you were the most soar.

Step 3. Clear your Space

This is a very important step that should not be missed. I feel it helps a great deal, that the environment/dimension you travel from should be free of any negative energies. I clear the space I am in, by visualizing golden sparkles of light. Feel it surrounding the body and giving you the sense that you are deeply loved. It should give you warm fuzzy feelings of ShadowPeople-300x214excitement and true happiness. This is especially easy after all tenseness has left your body. Now, carefully spread this golden light throughout your bed, your room, your house, anywhere you can imagine. I even go as far as doing the city then the earth and eventually, even the universe. Picture it jetting over lakes and mountains and the atmosphere. Whatever works for you. You should feel very happy and content if you have done a thorough job. Sometimes distractions will happen during this moment, such as a sudden bump from nowhere, your partner tossing and turning or your pet getting up. If this happens, simply remain calm and focused. I see this as energy blockages or stirs, simply let the energy flow and keep moving from whatever noise you hear.

Step 4. Preventing Mistakes

Be sure not to skip step 2, because if you leave your body without protection, then it can allow negative experiences to happen, such as bad entity confrontation, or being sent off to lower realms. If you find that step 2 is too difficult, then see that as a sign that you are not allowed in the astral realm, wake yourself up and go to sleep normally. You do not want to risk going somewhere unpleasant and having a life scarring experience that you are not ready for. You should be able to tell if your not meant to go out there. It is also important not to be sad or stressed, this state can make you too weak to clear the environment. You can however relax your body and aura of tension, then wake yourself up when you have reached your limit.

To prevent falling asleep after step 2, you can draw attention to your breath, while maintaining relaxation. At this point you should feel so relaxed that your arms and legs feel heavy. Do not be alarmed at this, I even sometimes panic a little, as vibrational sensations begin to arise and I cannot easily move my limbs. Other problems that arise, could occur from remaining in one position too long in meditation. Tenseness can arise in the back muscles, at which point you can shift your body to it’s side, very gently and slow. Just continue to relax as much as you can afterwards.

Step 5. Vibrational State

I find after softly shifting, I enter a very happy vibrational state. Everything is vibrating gently, especially my toes and arms. It is a very nice feeling. You can almost feel yourself falling asleep, or wanting to fall asleep. Perhaps you can’t even tell if you are asleep or not. Your conscious almost feels like it is splitting between caring if you had fallen asleep and still knowing that you are awake. The part of you that knows your awake, begins to fade away into the background. This is Aura-Energy-Kirlian-Meditation-1your bodily sensation. You can let go of it now. It is a difficult process, letting go of your human body. It can hurt, it can make your heart feel as though it stopped and you can’t breath. This is normal. Just relax and continue to let go. The only thing you should care about right now, is the fact that your in between being asleep and awake/ alert. Over time you will get use to these sensations.

Step 6. Separation

Now that you are no longer attached to your body. Try lifting your arm, do you still feel it? If so, then continue relaxing the muscles and repeat any necessary steps that will help you in doing so. If not, then you are ready. It can be difficult to know if you are ready to separate. Sometimes you can just get up as you normally would and your out. Other times you can get stuck. If you are stuck, it can take up to 3 tries to get loose. You will simply wake up and then have to go back to trance state and try again. Sometimes I twist to the right or left to get loose. Other times I just picture myself floating upward. Chakra blockages can get you stuck at a certain part of your body. Often I get stuck at my solar plexus, which can be a good sign that you are not strong enough to travel.

How does it feel?

The Astral Body has a very different feel compared to the physical. Control is very difficult to master in this stage, since your consciousness during this period is wired in a total different way. Your thoughts speed up, your instincts become primal, you are easily excited and cannot seem to think what to do next besides fly. It is a lot like being a kid, where you get tunnel vision for whatever pops into your head first. It is much like losing the frontal area of your brain, that is responsible for control, problem solving, and any learnt personality traits. You can almost say that it is like being on a hallucinogenic drug. For example, the way you feel, if you were to take mushrooms or even LSD. These drugs inhibit blood flow to the frontal lobe and allow other parts of your brain to connect, causing a rush of energy to flow through your thoughts. You can imagine that these new connections could cause someone to not think clearly or make smart decisions. It does take some getting use to and some mastery. Practice always makes perfect, meditate more, always pay attention to surrounding energies and how they feel, exercise, and eat healthy, anything to increase your frequency ultimately.

Mini Mediations

If you really want to practice self awareness, you can do mini exercises throughout the day. All you have to do is remember to relax. Monitor what makes you tense up. Sometimes peoples energies make me tense up and I’m clenching my teeth and tensing my shoulders. This is something we never had as kids, and it is really detrimental to our health. It makes us age and decreases our frequency. Just let the energies flow and transform them into something else. For example, if someone does something that I really don’t like, because it brings up bad memories, then I immediately stop myself from tensing and take a deep breath and relax. Just keep focusing on your breath, breathing out any energies that you took in from the stress. Tell yourself this is a learnt behaviour and is not useful for you to have. Eventually over time, your fears will subside and you will feel like a zen master!

So there you go, a guide by me on how to meditate. Remember, I strongly believe that there is no one way to meditate. It all really depends on what works for you. In other words, don’t become wrapped up in rules that a so called master has taught you, let that be his own path. This is simply the way I have developed my technique. I recommended reading as much as you can on it and not trying to repeat what is learnt from only one source. I have used many sources for my meditation. I learnt the golden light technique from my Aunty, I use the relaxation technique I learnt from a hypnosis book, I used visualization techniques that I learnt from an ESP book and so on. Combine everything that rings true to you, and you will succeed at a much faster rate. Good Luck!!


Dream Dissection- Astral Travels and Shapeshifting

Cassandra DreamThis is a good example for those of you who wish to learn about the importance of remembering dreams and how to dissect them in a way that makes sense in this physical world. This is also a good way to learn about the secrets of shapeshifting. Now, shapeshifting is a very controversial topic, not many know what it really means. To me, shapeshifting can be done in dreams, can it affect the the physical world? I do not know, perhaps to an extent. All I know is that shamans, and other ancient practices have done this for some time in dreams. Below is a log of my dream that happened on June 23, 2015. It will explain to you through example what I am talking about.

The Shapeshifting Crow- Astral Travels June 23 2015 I was walking down the street during the day time with a friend, I had all this pent up energy inside of me. I threw my arms up once in awhile, and lightening would shoot around in the clouds. I was very excited and told my friend about it. He turned around and I tried to show him but it wouldn’t work. <Dream ends>

crowlightening I’m sitting at a table with my Dad, the walls were green and we were on the bottom floor of a house. The window was wooden framed and as large as a sideways door. I still felt very powerful, and wanted to show my Dad this. I pointed at the window, a crow was there, it became fluffy like a youngling. I spoke to it like a crow, and he appeared to be saying, “YA! YA!”. I felt like I was channeling energy to the crow, then I noticed behind it the most creepiest masked being. He had a large white mask, kind of like the one from the movie Saw, but more female. It was a witch like face, with gaunt cheek bones and sunken eyes, with a pointy chin. Black rotten hair slung over it in patches. It had a white gown on as well, and held something like a staff. I had this bad feeling about it, as it was creeping towards me. The crow was yelling so loud at this point, pecking his beak against the window. The window started to smash. I was too afraid to face this thing, so I got myself out of there as soon as possible. In between being asleep and awake, I began to feel bad for doing that. I should have not been afraid, I should have helped the crow and faced this evil thing. Maybe I wasn’t ready or maybe the crow did not need help and was with this being. I floated out of my body, and went to my friends place to see if I can test out the projection. I flew towards his place, but it was different. As I was climbing up to the window of his editing room. I found myself having glimpses of shelves with toys on them. I continued to climb up, thrown off by the shelf visions, I began to fade out. I saw him for a split second, and he turned his head over. I woke up. When I woke up, a little hesitant as to what I might face this round, I tried again. As I was floating out, I regretted the hesitancy, as that alone could make my experience negative. Nonetheless I float out. This time I was not in control of where I went. The wind must have brought me here I thought, as it always does. I like to think of this wind as my higher self or a guide perhaps. So there I was standing in a room, the room was beige and the windows were framed with a cedar. It was a tiny room, almost like a mini watchtower. The window was the type you pushed open. A raven landed on this window, yelling and shouting. My friend was there beside me, not fully conscious, kind of like a zombie. I said to him, “He must be hungry! Go get some food!”. The raven shoved himself through the small crack, he had something in his mouth. He gave it to me. It was a little mussel. I opened it and inside was it’s dried innards. Almost like it was out in the sun and it became this little crispy dried meat. I handed it over to the raven in a panic, trying to get it to calm down. It just stared at it and turned its head sideways. I yelled at my friend, “GO get him food now!.” Stunned, he leaped a little and quickly ran downstairs. He was taking so long, and at this point the raven was really going nuts. It hoped on my back and turned white. It grew large and heavy, and I decided to go downstairs with it to find my friend with the food. I waddled down, growing tired and weak, I saw a couch and fell on it. The raven leaped off, and chose a spot on my right to watch me carefully. A crow landed on my arm, an arm that was already injured from a fall when I nearly fainted on the streets the day before. It began to tear it apart, ripping through it. I began to try wake myself up, but a memory was triggered. I have to let this crow continue to hurt me. The shapeshifting initiation is what might be happening to me I thought. I remembered hearing about it on a youtube video. The animal must do this to you and then it will place it’s gifts in your wound. So I let the crow tear away. The pain was excruciating, like my whole arm was about to be torn away. I felt like I was spiralling in this pain. At one point I even saw myself laying on the couch in pain and agony, clutching my wrist, slowly spinning. As the crow ceased, I grabbed him. I was so mad that it hurt me so bad. I wasn’t even thinking of what I was doing. I broke the crow’s leg off, and placed it in my wound. For a second, I wondered what the heck is a leg going to do for me. Then I thought, I want to fly, so I tore a tip of it’s wing off and placed it in my wound. It was very easy to tear these parts off this crow, it was in a frozen dried state with it’s wings partially open and his head turned sideways. It was like he too, became crispy and dry from the sun. The whole time this was happening I felt the ravens eyes on me. I was in pain and upset. I threw what was left of the crow towards him and woke up. Conclusion: 1) The lightening at the beginning of the dream was much like the story I heard on youtube, only I did not remember consciously that it was told as well with lightening at the beginning. It was not until I found the clip again and listened that he too had lightening as well. I paused it right away and started to write this dream down. Here is the clip: 2) As I was writing this, I realized the mussel and the crow and how dry they were. Crispy to the point that I could crunch it to pieces with my fist. The raven offered me this mussel, possibly foreshadowing the next gift he would give me. What does the mussel symbolize? Possibilities: Muscle? lol.. According to this link, the mussel is associated with the moon to the Chinese. Aphrodite is seen standing upon it as well. Mussel is also associated with the fertile sea.

DT361N The dolphin and mussel birth illustrate the of Aphrodite from sea 300 BC Greek Greece

DT361N The dolphin and mussel birth illustrate the of Aphrodite from sea 300 BC Greek Greece

It makes sense to me that the Raven was handed me the mussel, if it symbolizes the moon. It is the dark side of yin and yang, the side of magic, female energy and so on. Perhaps it was giving me this powerful gift. I must have felt hesitant to receive it, as I tried to hand it back (at least the dried out innards). But why was this gift dried out? I did associate it with the fact that maybe it was dried out too long in the sun. This could signify that there is balance in this gift of the sun’s (male, light energy, the physical) signature but embodying the moon. Inside the moon was the sun’s signature. (If that makes sense) Me trying to hand back the dried part might also signify my hesitancy to accept the sun’s signature in my life. I tend to be darker and negative more than positive. The raven could have been showing me that I need a balance, and I was subconsciously refusing to change. In the end at least I accepted it and kept it with me. 3) Why did I feel like I had to break off these parts forcefully? Why the leg first? 4) Even though this could be seen as just a dream to some people, to me, it holds significance. I will always believe that dissecting dreams is important. It really can help you change perspectives and realize what is hurting you inside. It can be like a councillor in a way. crow moon

Thanks for reading, Kaas

Astral Travel Progress Journal

I have officially learnt to astral project. I can do it, provided I have the time, and right conditions to do so. The following is a log of how I started.


Dream Within a Dream- Astral Travelling out

I was in a room in a white silky nightgown, short. At the end of the bed a man that I can only make out as a black shadow was holding me at the end of the bed. I thought it was my partner who was sleeping beside me as I sensed it was a familiar energy. When I came out I decided to enter the dream of the person holding me, still thinking it was my partner. It turned out to be full of black smoke and was a dark energy that nearly made my heart stop like I was going to die. Then I left and knew I had to do something quick before something bad happened. I decided to go up to the stars but I floated back down. Suddenly the thing stood up and grabbed my legs, threw me down and tried to pin me on the bed. I screamed really loud, couldn’t wake myself up. I think he had teeth and he wanted to eat me. So I started yelling for my partners name. I woke up and he was sleeping there, we weren’t in the real life bedroom, but the same bedroom the thing attacked me. He wouldn’t wake up so I decided to tell him later on and try go back to sleep. Thats when I had a seizure in the bed, and next thing I remember was waking up at my exes place. There was an Alien spaceship parked in the front yard. My co-worker Matty came out of it very disoriented. Then I seen my exes dad enter it with a bong. My exes mom facetimed me on the phone, she was in Vancouver and got into a little bit of trouble with some guy….
Then I woke up back at the house that I believed was from my first dream. It looked like it was in Montreal and the house style was like the ones in Mexico. There was a murder, I seen two really strange old women with creepy makeup run by us in the vehicle entrance to the garage. I thought they were the murderers at first. But they were just as scared as me and were trying to get away. I heard something in the apartment room nearby. There was a man badly beat up, blood everywhere and I asked him who did it. It was some guy who kind of looked like buffalo bill and he was in the room across. i think I finally woke up after that, can’t remember what happened.
Note: Partner’s sister had a nightmare of someone dying in her arms in a parking lot, who also was seizing in her arms.


Astral Projection- Another Dimension

Sunday, December 14th 2014

After going to bed early at 10pm I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I decided to meditate, I use the hypnotherapy style, by relaxing my whole body and breathing until I no longer feel my body. Then I go to sleep.

I was in a dream and a white fluffy cat with orange tabby and grey tabby patches was following me around and I wanted to go to sleep so I lifted her up and brought her to my bed to cuddle and fall asleep. She suddenly went crazy and starting making meow-ing noises and circling the bed. I tried to calm her down but she refused. She ran towards the door which was open slightly still flipping out. My mom came out of the room and the cat started bouncing of the walls, at that point I realized it was a dream. I faced the wall and stuck my nose in then the rest of my body to enter another world so that I can astral project.

Instead I found myself in Vancouver but everything was different. Hastings looked more summery and pleasant. When I hit downtown almost everyone had plants around their places. Homes were really close together and there wasn’t as many high rises. Mostly old style buildings. Then I flew out and saw an orange skytrain, I decided to enter the skytrain. Suddenly an odd interference came in, a skinny man who resembled a hotel worker, offered me some wine. I said sure why not! Then I remembered reading in a shaman book that you are not suppose to drink or eat while travelling in the astral world. I said, “Shit, I wasn’t suppose to do that! was I?”. Nobody else on the skytrain could see me except for the weird dressed up hotel guy. But a older man dressed slightly like a homeless man turned his head without eye contact and told me, “Ya that’s bad you shouldn’t have done that”. I was like, “You can hear me?” . I flew off after that. I woke up not to long after, I was at the same place the cat was. This place isn’t my current place, its more towards hastings and burnaby. My friend from Montreal was visiting, my boyfriend was there and my mom and some other people. I told them about my astral projection, and my friend from Montreal said Oh I just seen a cat that looked exactly like that in your yard. I woke up from my dream not to long after that.


Astral Travel Research 

Dec 20 2014

I did the same meditation I did sunday. I tried to float out of my body but only my legs were floating out, I struggled a lot to try get my upper body out but it wasn’t working at all. I saw a shadow in the shape of a man appear in front of my face. I told it to f#$@ off and it disappeared. Then I woke up and tried again. Then there was more shadows bouncing off the walls, and I was still stuck with just my legs floating out. A few more tried to wake me up and I was able to come out but my astral body was to heavy and it was just flopped over off the side of the bed. I laid there and a large black man was standing there with his back turned. I was hoping he wouldn’t notice me, because he seemed pretty creepy, but eventually he did and turned around and tried to touch me so I woke myself up. My goal of the astral projection was to make contact with my boyfriend. So finally I was able to come out fully where I was floating above my body. But for some reason the house seemed to be trying to push me out the window, I tried by hardest not to be pushed out. I grabbed a pillow that had the same patterns of my blanket and I told it to bring me towards the room where my boyfriend was. I floated over but I couldn’t see him pass the pillow. But I noticed behind him there was a square facing the window, that had a pentagram symbol inside of it with stars and other symbols floating around it. The sign was coloured in blue. The room didn’t appear as it did in real life but instead had a white carpet on the ground with this symbol inscribed on it. So I floated down to it, and touched it, and forget what happened afterwards.
Note: Later on I researched the sign and found that it was the pentacle of solomon. That is actually visualized as being a blue fire which I found interesting because in my dream the colour of the symbol was blue and had a square around it. I also did not know that my partner had a matching pillow case for his blanket, which I saw not to long after on the chair.



Sleep Paralysis and the Dark Shadow/The Tunnel

Dec 21 2014

I felt all my limbs go stiff and I couldn’t move. I could only wiggle my toes a little. The shadows were starting to bounce of the walls, but finally I was able to move. Then I tried going to sleep again and the same thing happened. A bald dark shadow head appeared in front of me. I told it to leave me alone, I was really scared. Begging almost to leave me alone. I tried to wake myself up but couldn’t and was screaming for my partner to wake me up. I managed to wiggle my toes again and touch his feet with my big toe but he still didn’t wake me up. Then I remembered to not be afraid of it so I told it to fuck off in a stern serious voice and he disappeared into a mist.

In the morning I was wide awake. I decided to meditate out of boredom. The centre of my focus was starting to twirl and I seen a tunnel with teal flowy-like waves. The end of the tunnel was darkness. I asked myself to bring me to when I was 2 and I heard myself laughing as a child but it didn’t work. Then I thought maybe I can just leave my body.. so I tried but my partner moved beside me and I woke up.



Partner Astral Projection

Sunday, Jan 4th 2015

It started with me playing the piano, I noticed every key I hit no matter what note, produced a certain song. I started to think, “This isn’t how a real piano works”. I realized I was dreaming and the actor who played my mom in the dream looked at me with the utmost fear in her eyes. I became just a ball of energy, like just my head was present. It stretched across the store and I screamed at her very oddly, It almost sounded like a falcon cry but more grizzly. We appeared in my partners apartment in his room, only it was set up with a long white table that stretched across. She was sitting on the chair. An orange lamp was lighting up the room. I felt my partners house start to push me out like it did in the last astral projection. I shifted my focus on the mom (actor mom), she was frightened and the first thing that popped out of my mouth was “I love you”. She still looked scared and I said it again. At some point I ran into my partner, he was in his editing room wearing a black hooded sweater and black pants, hunched over his computer. He turned around after I tapped him on the shoulder and he looked very frightened as well.

Before this astral projection my partner woke me up and said he had a bad dream, he told me a kid said we’re the spirits that are in the house, we are kids. He was wearing a black hoody and he couldn’t see his face. He woke up again and stared into my eyes and looked frightened, he said he was trying to find out if he was awake or still dreaming. I was very scared and I held his shoulders and asked if he was ok. I went back to sleep and thats when I had the above projection.

The next dream I was serving at a gala like event. I was under some stress because I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do. I walked into the room and there was 3 rows of escalators, I went up them and the stairs went flat and were propelling me up so fast I thought I was going to fall on my face. Then I reached a dark place and I saw a little bit of bright blue sky. I reached into it and pulled myself through. I was in an airplane and I was scared to hop out into the city because we were going so fast but I did anyway. I was going down Powell st in Vancouver, there was shops all the way down, almost west Vancouver style shops. I tunnel swas beginning to lose my focus so I started to look around at the shops and focus my attention on the surroundings before I woke up. It was growing increasingly hard, when I reached around clark st, the last store had a blue logo, called Veto. It was the last store I saw before I decided I wanted to see my partner, and try contact him again. I entered a black tunnel and got a little sketched out because I remembered reading to stay away from those in astral projections. I think now that I should just go through with it and not be scared. I woke myself up easily upon entering that tunnel.

The next morning at the break of dawn, I told my partner about the above astral projection. He said that the kid put a black hoody on him. I never knew this. He just didn’t mention that part earlier that night. He also said that when he looked at me strangely and didn’t know if he was still sleeping that it could have been when I was tapping him on the shoulder in the Astral Projection. Nothing is for sure, but the facts are strange nonetheless. My partner has told me before that he saw my face in shadows both in him room and in a plane. Which I am now realizing was what I hopped out of in my 2nd projecting.

I was projecting all night but cannot recall most of them just those 2 vividly. I remember I wanted to stop. Sometimes I feel like it is to much. I sometimes like to think of sleep like it’s a turning off point where I can rest. But really we never turn off. For me that thought is exhausting, and Astral Projecting was exhausting me out, and I wanted it to stop.



Astral Projection, Getting Better

Thursday January 8th 2015

Today I tried to astral project from 10:30 until 12. I meditated up until 11:45, relaxing all the muscles, sometimes it is really difficult to do, I have to try different techniques and really switch it up. The one that worked today was visualizing my chakras spinning. I picture them as being shattered and I put the pieces together and this really helps me relax my soar muscles. I also picture bricks being lifted off of my back or any other location that feels tense and heavy. I also did the one where I lift my vibration up to a really nice high feeling. The only word I’ve seen used on the internet is a “Christ” like state. I also visualize upgrades being done. By the time I feel relaxed I do a little stretch and do it again. Then I turned to my side. Somehow I knew how late it was, so instead of letting it happen before I fall asleep, I just did it while I was awake with my eyes closed. This was good because it actually worked. I guess I was relaxed enough.

1st Astral Projection

Since I know from past experiences that the house always tries to push me out, so I grabbed two glasses from a shelf and floated across the house to his editing room. I through them on the ground to see if he would notice but he didn’t. I think he might have heard something at the most since he turned his head. He was focused on his computer, photoshopping the number 17 on it. This number he used last week to test my astral projection but I wasn’t able to. Then I looked to the left and there was the number. In this one though the number was purple outlined and yellow inside. I grabbed a brown plate on his table and I smashed it on the ground. He got a little scared and I think I woke up.

2nd Astral Projection

In the second one I realized I forgot to check my partner for anything weird, because the first time I did it, I ended up seeing a pentacle sign. So in this one he was running towards the bedroom skipping, looking a little crazy again. I looked around his feet which were hoping around the air, and I didn’t see anything. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. He was just acting really weird. I think I woke up, not sure if it was because of outside noises or whatnot.

3rd Astral Projection

In this one I was blind, so I just whatever still feels cool, I think I ended up in the closet and just floated around in a swinging motion, kind of like my body was a hammock. It felt pretty cool.

These projections were not significant really at all. I got the number one. The world I was in was night time and really strange. The only thing is that my partner was reading about a blind person at the time and I was blind in my third one.

The Magic around us that we miss everyday…


Robin williams magicSome of us go about our daily lives without ever noticing the magic that happens on a continual basis. So today I decided to pay extra attention to it. But before I get into it, I’d like to name off some common things I’ve heard people call strange coincidences or good timing; and I have to say, if I had a dime for every time someone said that to me I’d probably have a decent amount of money.
So here we go:

1) Mentioning someones name and either running into them, or hearing from them in some type of way. i.e call, text..

2) Manifesting something in a blink of an eye. (or manifesting something and it happening shortly after)

3) A disturbance in the force. Okay, I have a hard time explaining this one right now. Lets just say when something kind of crazy happens that you just can’t explain.

So the first one happened as I was telling my friend (friend A) a story about how every time I mention someone, I take a quick look around to see if they are in the area. Often times I look and it turns out that they are, or that someone who connects the two of us together is in the area. For example, yesterday I was about to bring up a friend of mine, so I looked around. Maybe they were in the area since they worked around here. I soon realized that one of our mutual friends (I will call X) was walking right in front of me. (A good reminder to never talk behind peoples backs). So as I was telling my friend A this story, a few moments later, friend X appears. This pretty much proved what I was talking about and made me smile. To me, I find this pretty magical in a way. Some people might call it something else, but I find the word magical to be a pretty cool word choice.

The second one happened while I was with my mom and sister. My mom also has moments like the one above, so it never comes as a surprise to me when this happens when we are all together. We walked into the store and my mom asks me about hypnosis because she really wants to get rid of a problem of hers. It just so happened that a hypnotherapist was standing in front of us, and turned around to tell my mom who she could go see and told her some advice. They stood there and talked for awhile, and this brought again, a smile to my face. The world appears to be getting cooler everyday, I thought.

Finally, tonight while struggling to fall asleep, I decided to meditate. Meditation is a difficult task but I find it absolutely necessary on days where I can’t sleep; for example, when I eat garlic which tends to make my body ache. It seemed to be quiet enough for me to meditate successfully. I figured nothing could bother me right now, like what usually happens when I get deep into the meditation. So I started and everything was going smoothly, until I hit what I call 1st stage. First stage is when I have relaxed long enough to make my head feel clearer. So, as soon as I hit first stage, a fly buzzes around my ear. So i try swat it away in the fear that it might enter my ear. Feeling a little frustrated I start again, and it happens again. I swat at it again and then I’m like, “Okay Cassandra focus, don’t let this stupid fly bother you.” So I enter 2rd stage, which is where I am pretty much totally relaxed, and working on my weakest point which is my neck. Right then and there the fly comes back and I’m thinking don’t swat at it! Focus! And the fly lands right on my third eye! Maybe it was a reminder that I missed my third eye chakra! Thanks for the reminder annoying but thoughtful fly 🙂 From here on in, I will work on my head, third eye area and then neck. Maybe that might lead to a really good meditation session.



So most people feel comfortable calling the above things not so magical but other things, which tend to lean on the negative boring side of life. I’m sure it makes people feel smarter and grown up but quite frankly it’s main stream and extremely dull. I decided to write about it because occurrences such as these remind me to have hope in the our world, a hope that says life isn’t as mundane as we often times think it is. As a person that struggled with depression when life seemed to get too dull and the same, these little things tend to make my day and warm my heart! A gentle reminder, we are never truly alone in life, because theirs that hidden magic lingering around the corner of our hearts that connects us all, including other little living beings 🙂 . Let us not lose that magical part of us, because otherwise we can become lost forever.



robin williams magic

Why are Dreams Important?

Let your dreams open a door to a new way of life… 


When it comes to dreams, I like to compare them to waking life. I believe that your dreams reflect your reality. They have great potential to teach you more about your life than anything else out there. Although they may seem random, they can actually be decoded and mastered in a way that would make clear sense if you just gave it a shot. Mastering the dream world is as difficult as it is to master this waking life. It doesn’t happen over night and can take some time before anything much can come out of it. Dreams are often left alone and dismissed as useless, but one day I believe they will once again become relevant for our fast evolving world.

The collective conscious dominates the dream world. During the night as your mind drifts off, you enter this world along with others and create a story out of symbols understood by those who are asleep around you and those who have effected your being, such as immediate friends and family, and even ancestors. A collective conscious is known by many cultures as the source of knowledge that is accessible by all if one only opens up to it. Many secret society books, often encourage you to do initiations to access this collective conscious more easily, in the hopes of familiarizing one with symbols. That is how dream dictionaries help others understand what their dreams might have meant. Although symbols can be very personal as well, they often apply to the same things worldwide.collective

What you do that day is very important as well, when it comes to dreams. If I ever wish to lucid dream, I will try think about it during the day as much as I can. A good way to do this is also watch a movie about it, that way it has a more profound affect and you are more likely to lucid dream. To lucid dream however, is not recommended by many, since it interferes with what your soul is trying to tell you. Robert Moss, author of “Conscious Dreaming”, explains that it is important to allow your dreams to run their course and confront your nightmares. He uses a good example, say you have a dream of a dragon breathing fire, and you confront this dragon. He may just tell you that you need to quit smoking because it’s getting to the point that you can no longer afford to continue. I find this happens even if I eat unhealthy foods, particularly aspartame. As soon as I have something with aspartame in it, my teeth fall out in my dreams that very night. Robert Moss’s work is inspired by many shamanic cultures around the world, which highlight our dream’s capability of being prophetic.

Monks, yogis and many other culture’s religious practitioners spend a lot time meditating, and focusing on their breaths. This is a good skill to have if your path in life is to heal others and help guide others along their own paths. shamanThe focusing helps to have a clear mind in waking life, which allows you to confront dreams and decipher their warnings and lessons. It is often encouraged for many, to learn slow breathing. Interestingly enough, slow breathing is very beneficial for the mind, body and of course soul. These benefits include better concentration and reduced stress, which can come in handy for both waking life and dream world. Have you ever noticed when you are under stress that your breath becomes shallow and you can no longer think straight? Breath, as it seems, plays a crucial part when it comes to memory and self control.

If you can master the breathing techniques in real life then you will be able to gain more control in your dreams to confront your demons and therefore evolve progressively as a human being. You can think of it as being Jedi training, as you learn to slow your heart rate down and breathe, you become alert to your surroundings. Suddenly, focus is a lot more achievable and you can see the little things that you might have missed while you were to busy forgetting how to breathe. You feel relaxed enough and in tune with your body to increase the confidence it takes to tackle things head on. It’s almost as if time slows down and things sort of move in slow motion. So if you come face to face with the monsters in your dreams, you may feel confident enough to ask them what the problem is, instead of run away. Running away from the monsters in your dreams is much like running away from your problems in real life and doesn’t solve anything.

For the longest time I would attack the monsters in my dreams and kill them. I didn’t know at the time that I was only killing the part of myself that screamed for attention. Monsters would gnaw on my wrists and slit them with knives, I finally found out that this was because of my carpel tunnel, and my cells were communicating with me to help resolve the issue. Slowly as I realized what was going on, I was able to tell them to go away and stop. As a dreamer you have the ability to acknowledge the problem and face it in your own way. Monsters only come into play when your body is at it’s last straw. You can always ask it to chat with you instead, and who knows, maybe you can deal with it and heal yourself in a more spiritual approach instead of on a more physical basis. Healing can also occur on the astral plane as it does on the physical, find a balance of healing them both ways and you just might get better a lot quicker. Shaman were both masters of traditional medicine and dream world, something that unfortunately lacks in today’s medical system.

People didn’t say it was taboo to be a shaman for no reason. I see so many people attempt to be shamans but most of them have not faced even their own demons yet. Mastering the dream world doesn’t happen overnight, it is a scary and new world that shows you aspects of yourself and those around you that will drive you to near insanity. But out of it all, blossoms a balanced sacred being who is truly free from their chains and ready to help others do the same. It is a heavy burden and a blessing at the same time, as these people become either feared or embraced for their strange abilities and concepts or celebrated for their knowledge and power. For a true shaman, time can be near endless and therefore their knowledge is never ending.

Think of a clock ticking by, and your heart matching the ticks. If you slowed down your heart using your breath, the ticks slow down as well, and therefore time. When I was confronted during sleep paralysis by a small creature, I remembered to maintain a steady breath and relax. As I did, I was able to focus on it’s movements and facial expressions. breathworkHe become more crystal clear and I was able to communicate to it in a telepathic way. I sent the scary looking creature love in the hopes of making the experience positive, only when it started crawling towards me, I freaked out and lost control of my breath and hence the situation. The same thing happens to me when I am writing an exam. If I enter the exam anxious and stressed, time goes by fast, and  I cannot seem to retrieve anything from my brain and I end up handing in not so impressive work.


1) Time is not linear, it is a state that coordinates with your full being. It reflects your actions and thoughts.

2) Polar mythology is a great way to tackle core problems. Polar mythology splits everything into two sides. Dreams for instance are related to the darkness, spiritual realm, female aspect, subconscious, mind, feelings, and so on, while our physical world is related to the light/photons, male aspect, logic and thoughts. How can we create anything if we lack either sides? The answer is, we can’t. We will simply continue to stagnate if we lean more towards one side and we will never evolve. Listen to your feelings as you do your logic, don’t shut out the way you feel because society has taught you so and because you are afraid to face the pain. Acknowledge them and you will gain the sense of relief you need to bring harmony to your world.

3) Once you notice that the darkness isn’t so bad, you can stop living in fear and emerge as a confident powerful person that your soul and spirit urge you to be. You can face your demons head on in the real world and therefore the dream world, and strive towards helping others. Prophecy trickles down in each dream you have and as you evolve the prophecies begin to apply to everyone around you. This is the time where your ready to become a shaman, you gained the focus and control to decode your dreams and apply them to make this world a better place.  At first you may find that certain parts of your dream become true at times, this is because your focus and control were optimal on that particular day.body_layers As you progress your dreams will no longer distort your reality but come out clear and deja-vue like. You may think that your dreams are rubbish, but in fact they play a role in foreshadowing your future, it’s not the other way around as some might think. Dreams are on a higher dimension and once it hits the lower dimensions (the one we are in) it becomes distorted unless you are truly in your power and have become the god of your own world. It’s no wonder some shamans felt nearly insane. Seeing things before they happen can definitely shake you up a bit!

4) So you might wonder, if you become the god/goddess of your own world then why don’t you just lucid dream every night and get all the pleasure you can out of it? The answer again is always balance. Pleasure and discipline are necessary, otherwise you forget about your oneness with all and become selfish and careless. At a time in my life, lucid dreams were becoming more frequent until I was confronted by the people in my dream (reflecting myself) that it wasn’t right and I knew that deep inside. I shook my head and said of course I know that. In my heart I felt this dream/path should be continued, as if I was in a story that I had to read in order to learn a lesson. That being said, whenever lucid dreams come naturally, I still do not hesitate to have fun and explore as much as I can.

5) The collective and personal conscious that we all tap into is waiting to be balanced, it is up to you to know which one you need to work on the most. And I can strongly state that many of us all lack the collective side of things. The word collective/oneness that is interchangeable with the polar side of darkness, feelings, female aspect, subconscious and spiritual realms. The magic awaits you!







The Dark and Light -How the Balance is Skewed



For the longest time the system that white man has put on us has fogged all of our views on how we should truly perceive our magical world. It has even driven me to lose touch with my passion until I grew the guts to make this blog. Why should I bother trying to convince people that our dreams and subconscious actually mean anything when all they will say is, “Science says this, science says that.” I guess the answer is because it makes a good story, because science is just another person’s point of view (often skewed from today’s elite). I strongly believe that in us all, theres a strong feeling to not accept the dark aspects of our being and to bury it deep inside where it festers into chaos. As the world becomes more increasingly complex and fast paste, we must learn to embrace the dark and explore it at it’s simplest form, in order to achieve harmony and balance in these delicate times.

I wanted to start off with this story I heard  from an elder at a ceremony, I wish I could have recorded it, but I was not permitted to do so (since it was a ceremony). So I will just give a brief summary,

The elder asked us,

“Do you know how Jesus disappeared for 3 days after he was crucified?, well do you know where he went?, my grandmother told me he came here, to visit his brother blank (name to be posted later). Blank was happy to see his brother but noticed he was badly wounded in the hands and feet and that his head had many cuts in it, (from the thorn crown and being nailed to the cross). Blank spoke about how good his people were treating him, like a god, he was fed, sheltered and offered many gifts. Blank felt sad for his brother and asked him what they have done to him. He pointed at his wounds and said, “this.” Jesus told his brother, that they were coming here and they were going to hurt us as they did him. He came to warn us.”

This story rang a bell, it reminded me of the prophecy that the Haida were told. They were told that white men would come and bring disease, before it happened. The Haida even had a name given to them, translated into “ghost people” Below you can find the story documented by James Deans in 1981.


I just wanted to start off with these similar stories to point out that we need to seek a true balance in order to bring this world back to peace. The peace and love that we all have to find within ourselves to become beautiful beings much like in the story above. This was the beginning of the white/light beginning to dominate our planet. Lets look at a list of things we should take into consideration from more simple to more complex.

Dark vs. Light

Positive vs. Negative

Low frequency vs. High frequency

Death vs. Birth

Subconscious vs. Thoughts

Dreams vs. Reality

Soul vs. Spirit

Creativity vs. Logic

Earth vs. Sky

Moon vs. Sun

Woman vs. Man

Black vs. White

Depressants vs. Stimulants

What do the words on the left side have in common with each other and what do the words on the right side have in common with each other. Which side currently dominates our world? How has this imbalance of these sides affected us as people?

I can honestly say that the left side has been the most abused of all. The abuse of the left side drags down the right side, so why not seek a balance of them both. I encourage you to make a list at home and consider them both, observe your feelings towards them and dig deep.

The left side that represents darkness has been overthrown by the light. Light or photons are responsible for our physical world while the dark is representational of the spirit realm. Neither are bad or good, for bad and good do not exist. Darkness and light cannot exist without each other but they can be thrown off balance and cause a lot of chaos.

A good friend of mine once told me that black people are the original people of this earth. This I find true. They are the most connected to this earth. They are far more advanced and I believe they reflect the pain our world is in currently. Heres a quote from the link below:

 “The “superiority complex” of white people is a defence mechanism and a mask for their deepest inferiority complex which they project onto people of colour.”

They say this because white people lack the structure known as melanin which makes the skin black, therefore making them inferior. Melanin has been proven to be very important when it comes to the brain, aging, reproduction and so on.  (see link below)

So what can caucasians and light skinned people do to increase their melanin you might ask. Melanin is produced in the pineal gland, and is found to be calcified as much as 80% in Caucasian people and as low as 5% in Africans. To decalcify the pineal gland/seat of the soul, one can take vitamin K for decalcification and vitamin A to maintain and restore melanin. Maybe it might help some of you go less red this summer and get a tan on!

So, this is why it breaks my heart to hear people being racist, sexist, overly positive and ignorant, and so on. They don’t realize that people behave the way they do because they reflect the state of disharmony they are in.

When I told a friend of mine how much it hurt for me to be judged by other women, she showed me why it should be viewed as a reminder that perhaps they are only frustrated with themselves as women, because as women, they have been abused and controlled by men for so long in our patriarchal society, that it’s their way of expressing their disapproval of it. Seems far fetched, but it made sense.

As I grew up, I felt highly discriminated because of the colour of my skin. I noticed that black people get treated the worst when it comes to racism. They say natives/blacks drink to much, they eat to much wonder bread, coke, blah blah blah. But wait! Who introduced these unhealthy habits to begin with? These things never would have existed if it weren’t for white people would it?chakrachart - polarity1

Somebody who does peyote ceremonies that I know, on body_layerscontinuous basis never seemed to be very respectful towards women, and anyone who said he shouldn’t take to much medicine. Abusing peyote is much like abusing alcohol. They are both mind altering substances and should be used very sacredly. People should give the medicine time to work through them in order to experience the benefits and develop in a more balanced way. If he studied the real traditional use, he would know. It is sad to see that these people who are white have the nerve to call down tribes and call them alcoholics and laugh at them.

I want to ask these not so very conscious beings these questions. Is it possible that the abuse of these certain substances occur because these people reflect the pain our earth is going through? The pain our earth is receiving, thanks to the introduction of your peoples ways. Is it wrong for me to point this out? Am I being racist or are you? Perhaps the abuse of peyote isn’t much different if you think about it truly. Even science says psychological problems can develop if hallucinogens aren’t used wisely.

I think these people should strongly consider finding a balance and learn to respect the other side of the spectrum, because if they don’t they will be lost. They will attract chaos and disharmony and that’s not desirable for anyone.

I acknowledge both sides as being equally important. None is better than the other and one could not exist without the other. I wrote an article as a reminder to myself and everyone else that we should stay in tune with our reality and our subconscious that guides it. The Dark side plays a role and needs acknowledgement just as much as the light, do not be afraid of it and accept it. Seek harmony and drop the habits that make us think that one is better then the other, because if we don’t, one day it will be too late.






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Seeing Things Others Can’t Part II


Another perspective…

creepy fairy

Here is another interview I did, of another friend of mine, who can see beyond our physical reality. I share this information with you, to understand what it’s like to have these abilities and to draw your own conclusions. I am here only as an observer and enjoy documenting these stories to increase my knowledge in things that I do not understand. I hope that some of you will make a great deal of connections with this article, and appreciate the interview as much as I did. I wasn’t able to fit it all in, but I do believe I got the best parts, big thanks to the interviewee!

Is it scary to see spirits?

Yes and no, I’d say. Startling maybe,  sometimes when I see them or if its in a dream, I know I’m suppose too,

Im kind of ok with it at the same time

Can you see anything right now or every once in awhile?

Right now, no but it depends where I am. Often I will have a dream of them first, and they will come to me in waking life.

What is their general appearance?

Most of the time I see their feet, below the knees down. Every once in awhile I see their face. More often or not I am in a bathroom, maybe some sort of portal happening with water and drains,  perhaps it’s the cleanliness and other symbolism surrounding the area that causes this. There was a time in a dream, when I saw a man’s face while I was in the shower, the man sat their by the tub with glasses on and we were just sort of talking. But although he was human looking, I somehow knew he was deceased and connected with the house I was staying in. He (as well as others) have an air about them that I just know that they are different. For the most part neither of us are afraid, but we are aware that we are meeting in a different place; another realm.

Sometimes I can’t remember what we were talking about, but I know its mostly advice to each other about life.

The man in the bathroom was calmer and more at ease with his and my situation. I think if they are angry they are distorted, like a hologram or something. If they are really dark then they are shadows, or smoke, that comes out of the floor and shoots out of another wall.

I’ve even seen in waking life and sleeping life, demons for sure. They do not look human. One of my ex-boyfriends was addicted to drugs, and I had this dream that I saw him walking by, from outside the window of my room, the demon behind him was just walking in this crippled like way, he was tall, thin, grey pointed ear, contorted like demon thing, trudging right behind him (boyfriend). I noticed it really wanted me, but it had to keep following him.  They see light and they want it..

I ended up having a lot of dreams about him throwing salt; and that’s when I was a teenager, and later I realized, that’s what witches do to protect themselves.

How or why do you think you see them?

It started when I was in kindergarden in a bathroom, by myself. I was washing my hands, their was huge mirrors, and wicker chair in the back. Washing my hands, looking at myself in the mirror, right behind me  I hear this man and woman talking, intensely, almost arguing but not. It sounded backwards, much like a voice recorder in reverse where you hear a lot of exhalations, and gasps going in. I remember looking at myself, and something inside me, (I guess my older self) was like, your not making this up, this isn’t pretend. This is really happening, and I accepted it.

The reason why I think I see them is that apparently clairvoyance is hereditary, (so I’ve read). My father died when I was 14, and from there, it became stronger and stronger. I’d dream of him and other spirits. So ya, my dads father was clairvoyant, before he passed away I got to spend a lot of time with him, and he was like, “Ya, this ghost named Leroy is
the house,…” and he would talk about ghosts, and he was the first person I knew that experienced the same things I did.

Any patterns or triggers that cause you to see them?

Properties and houses that I’m in, wheres theirs ghost. Sometimes I can really tell, because I am open to it, they know it and they try make contact. I’ve been in houses where I acknowledged that they are there, which sort of gives them more energy to make a disturbance.

One time, I parked my bus next to a trailer, where a man supposedly had died, and one night I dreamt of the person there,  and the next morning my cousin had a dream like this as well.

It’s not the first time where these synchronized dreams happened. It also happened with my brother after my father had passed. My father brought me down this stone hallway, and at the end was this thick ancient book. He would point at it, and be like, this is important, sort of thing. But we both just can’t remember what’s in the book and we have both dreamt of it. I’ve tried to read it and I can only read like the letters r,t,s,u, and v’s. I would then try harder but the letters come up and get 3D and do weird things.

I also noticed that a lot of these experiences are stronger when I am alone.

What do you do to stop bad spirits?

Sometimes I use my breath to push what ever it is away. Almost like the energy extends from my right arm and is pulled in on the left. The breath pushes what ever it is away, sometimes it even creates wind in the room.

One time in my dream, my niece wanted me to come to the basement, and I felt like I shouldn’t. I got sleep paralysis, and something came up over me and their was this head looking at me, it was green and yellow and it had it’s hand over my mouth. I am not a religious person, but one thing I will do in my dreams is use Jesus and angels, and that moment I called Michael, and after that, whatever it was, was pushed away. My mom was upstairs sleeping with my niece and the next morning she said she dreamt of an angel.

Explain your first paranormal experience

I dreamt of being in a ship and it was all stainless steel with houseplants around, and their was a person there. I didn’t know how to open the doors, and I looked at this man, asking him how to do it.

More recently I have been contacting aliens, more than spirits. Nordics and Greys. Whenever I see a grey, or aliens with all black eyes, they are often times unkind and the minute I realize they are an alien, they try come after me. They look human, but their eyes are all black, and I know it because they are very strange. This sort of thing happened at Burning Man, where I had visions of body parts and sexual things, very disturbing. At one point, I seen these two women who were walking crippled like, I looked back and they had all black eyes, I looked away and the minute I looked away they were after me, and I ran away, and I woke up and realized it was a dream. Every time I am in the desert, I find there’s strong immense energy.

In real life, there was a man dancing, with tattoos, sort of latin looking-ish. I remember telling myself not to look at those tattoos, although there was part of me that did want to look, I knew I shouldn’t. These tattoos had a lot of words. He kept trying to get me to come towards him, and his voice went really evil (kind of like in the movies). And he said “Come with ME!”, and his eyes went all black. His voice was very deep and demon like. I turned to another man there and cried for help. That was the same sort of experience but in real life.

Most amazing experience?

At a festival I wanted to go out and dance sober. I went out and I listened to this DJ I really like. I felt like I was about to astral project. It started by seeing all these white hands going into a triangle, and seeing all these pale men and boys with light blue eyes and blond hair. They had no noses almost, and as they breathed they morphed to different ages. I realized then that they were probably Nordics. The minute I recognized what was happening, it transformed into me being in this forest corridor hallway to almost these pencil drawn trees, and I was riding on a back of a creature with wings. I fly through this grey and blue forest and my partner is asking me if I am ok. And I said yes, and I continued having this vision. I was seeing these hands in the shape of hearts through my 3rd eye. I also saw these native people living in harmony with earth. I seen people bathe each other, families, hand making hearts, water, people enjoying the earth. There was so much love, and then fire. At that point, I figured I was witnessing the elements. It went on to the 5th element which was metal, and it went on to gold, which is good for conductivity. Everything was gold and the more I realized what was happening, the more complex the vision would be. From there a golden lotus rose up and out of it, was a golden spark plug. Then I knew they were talking about free energy, and the people clapped their hands in agreement.

end of interview.

PicGolden Lotus1



Interesting Notes:

1) I thought it was interesting how she seen the feet of ghosts, more then the rest, because I could say the same thing. Many times I’ve seen shadowing legs walk by from the corner of my eye. Other times, I’ve seen the legs right in front of me. Is there an explanation for this? Consider this post I found,

“In terms of initiation, according to ancient traditions, the feet are the very last before one can graduate in various schools of wisdom, because they are related to the 12th initiation. Symbolically, the 12th initiation is associated to the 12th sign of Pisces. It is no surprise to notice that the feet are the part of the physical body that relate to the last sign of the Zodiac wheel. It is not a surprise to connect the dots and realize that the symbol of the Christian era is the Fish. It signifies that everyone that accomplishes the trials required by this last stage is able to stand on their own two feet as a completely self-realized Human being…The feet chakras are no common energy centers.  They relate not only to the energies of grounding and manifesting of our live purposes, but they also retain the memories of the many paths our soul has trailed on earth and beyond through our previous life times.”

Could this be related to it? Perhaps the spirit is still on its path and it’s feet are the only thing that hasn’t passed through yet! Who knows?

2) How many ghost stories have you heard involving bathrooms and mirrors? Probably quite a few right? I won’t bother posting links for this one.

3) So, the part about being alone, and it bringing on more supernatural experiences. This definitely is true for me whenever I am alone, thankfully I have a dog so this is a rare occurrence now. I remember reading a story, while looking for answers as to why this happens and I found this story, that you can read here:

To sum it up, it talks about how the first women came to be. She arrived, wondering about who created her, and during that process manifested fear and sorrow, which later manifested into matter. After some time, her male counterpart was sent down and he helped her through her course, to remember herself, and if you look further into the story, these hauntings she had, dissipated from his presence, and balance was restored.

This story is true symbolism, it’s the crack down to many life scenarios. A woman can create, and a man is there to help. It is both a curse and a blessing. To find balance in one another is important. However,,.. the point I am really trying to make is this, how long can we stand being alone, before our energy is directed and manifested in our physical world at an extreme level. For some of us, this might mean seeing ghosts, spirits, or whatever things that we put our focus on. So then, what happens when you put a loved one right in your space? Things, slow down, and life takes on a whole new meaning, and you realize how your actions are effecting yourself, thanks to that person showing you. So maybe there is a good reason why being alone can be such a powerful and challenging experience.

4) I thought it was really interesting how she mentioned gold, and free energy. For a long time, Ormus gold was used by Egyptians and even Jesus to enhance peoples abilities, usually in the conscious aspect. It’s interesting to note that many of us lack gold in our diets, what if we had this more often, would we be more psychic? or have more supernatural abilities? Could it awaken something? Another thing used in ancient times that had remarkable abilities was the Ark of the Covenant, which was also made of gold. I myself have done so much research on both subjects and I am truly fascinated about it. I have read good and bad things about Ormus gold and I am still uncertain as to whether or not I should take the Ormus I have sitting on my bedside more often. See the link below for a persons perspective on why it might be dangerous.

5) Finally, I’d also like to mention her use of Arc Angel Michael to get out of her sleep paralysis, I’ve read that this is a tool commonly used by others to do the same. Personally, I used my concern for my sister to get out of my most frightening one, and a lot of screaming for the more annoying ones. Nevertheless, it scared me enough to take any measures that it wouldn’t happen again. Including sleeping with a cross for the next week. I have to say that the most frightening one happened while I was alone after a bad breakup, which sort of coincides with note #3.



I always try stay as neutral as possible when I write these, keeping it as scientific as I can. I like to draw history into my writing as well, and include  light and darkness to keep it interesting, all while keeping an open mind!

I hope you enjoyed the read,




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Seeing Things Others Can’t- Interview and Story

A story on what it’s like

Image Not everyone believes in ghosts, but a lot of people in my community and circle of friends have almost always admitted to seeing something unusual, that they can’t explain, at least one or more times in their lives. Many of these “things” can range from shadows, spirits of the deceased, orbs, contorted images, and so on. In many Indian reservations, you find many people telling ghost stories, it is not uncommon at all, because people have grown use to them and accepted them, and were quite the tale to tell around the village campfire.

I have always been curious about the supernatural, and try as often as I can to bring it up in conversation. The odd time, I will come across people who say they see these “spirits” or beings everyday, or very frequently. People like this, are known to be called “mediums”, they can see, hear, smell and experience stuff that isn’t normally perceived by others.

Not all these people actually become mediums, like the ones you see from TV, who help people contact their loved ones, or see if their place is haunted. Most of these people I know, are able to live like other normal people and go about their day easily, and others take medication. I know that if it were me then I would somehow try do research on myself to see if I can prove these things are spirits of the deceased. I would try my best to record any information that might be of use to prove if it was all just in my head or if I was seeing into another dimension. However, whose to say I would even have the guts. As the case with some, it’s actually a difficult task to get them to talk about it much. Maybe it’s because they don’t enjoy their ability, and see it as a mental problem, or they just don’t want others to see it that way. In my opinion, I think it should be addressed more in a scientific/spiritual research, instead of feared or labelled as a “psychiatric illness”. Below you will find some info I gathered on mediums, and their spiritual dynamics.

Have you ever been told that younger ones and animals are more sensitive to spirits or other phenomena? There was an interesting study I read about one day on a thread, saying that researchers found 1 out 5 children can hear hallucinatory voices, and they usually grow out of it or end up needing intervention.

Consider this comment from the thread:

This really worries me. Children are really open to the astral and our society loves to suppress any talent that may manifest early on. It scares the hell out of me they are scaring the hell out of parents with “warnings of serious underlying psychiatric illness”. And we all know what the result is – drug drug drug now now now. Grrrrr.

I wonder if “more common in children than was previously thought” is an indication of the global consciousness having the effect of delaying children’s dumbing down and making their connection stronger than before.

One of my nieces was telling me recently about hearing voices and seeing strange places when she closed her eyes at night and that it felt really real. She described a floating sensation and looking at her self in bed then suddenly being else where and she had friends there. She is only 8, my sister took her to a shrink straight away and my niece has been lying about seeing, hearing and going places ever since.

Kids want to be normal and are under pressure to be normal. I think this is damaging to kids who feel they have to hide it like it is something to be ashamed of”

Do you think he is right? Is there any danger to allowing these people to feel comfortable with us “normal” people? The people I have met who have these so called hallucinations are never dangerous seeming. They are actually the opposite, so people shouldn’t get so scared about it all the time, it actually just makes things worse.

Heres an interview I made of a cool friend of mine, I hope it helps and reaches some of you out there, and lets you see your ability in a more positive light. After all, you are not alone, most are just good at hiding it.

Me: Is it scary to see spirits?

There’s some evil spirits that try to sometimes scare me into thinking things, but generally other spirits I am not scared of at all.

Can you make them go away?

Yes, but I can only do it for so long. You have to be serious, and once your not serious, their back as soon I switch emotions.

What is the general appearance of these other worldly beings? 

They are all see through. Of course, they all dress like us, with their props and so on.

Can you see their faces well?

Only one time I seen a girl by the cemetery. I walked straight pass her as she looked at me, her face looked more and more visible.

Any reason why you think you seen her face?

Well some nights I see hundreds of spirits around. That night I seen a whole city of them!. The force was strong with me that night. It happens when I’m really sad.

Any patterns or triggers that cause you to see them more frequently?

When I seen that little girl so clearly, a known member of our community passed away that night. A lot of sorrow. For me to see spirits at its best, I would have to be sad in a way. That I’m still kind of happy, like when you cry then all of the sudden you feel complete for a bit.

When did it start? Any important thing that you think might have caused it?

Well the first time I started seeing these figures, they were aliens.

Wow, really? Why do you think? What did they look like?

I closed my eyes and was able see everything in my room. And there was aliens walking around, sometimes just standing still. A couple of times they waved their hands in front of my face, as if to see if I could see them.

They looked like humans but their faces looked completely different. It took 2 years for me to see human ones.

I chose to medicate myself with antidepressants later, and they went away.

Does it feel like a dream-like state when you see them?

Nope, they can hear my brain waves though. And respond to me in body language.

What makes you quit seeing them?

Anti-depressants, other people, talking with other people. One time I took 2 pills and went for a run, and found that I couldn’t think of a single negative thing. That was pretty strange.

Do you believe they are souls who didn’t move on?

Yah, I do.

Do you have any message or advice for others similar to you?

Try find out if you have a gift or you will always question if you are just crazy.

Interesting notes to think about:

Can it be an option that he can see astral planes while he is awake? Lets look at some factors. He said his experience started with aliens hanging around him, which is pretty interesting if you ask me. Possibilities could be anything if your open-minded to these things. If you want to read a good story, read this one:

they talk about Nordic Aliens and give summaries of what other people experienced. Good read indeed I say!

I’ve read countless stories telling of how aliens have access to the astral plane, because their consciousness, vibration, technology, evolution etc., allows them to have these extrasensory abilities to do so. Many of these stories say that these aliens are here to watch us progress on earth, and others just want to start trouble and make sure we stay unconscious enough so that they can keep stealing our physical energy and mental energy (from dreams). They say if you can’t control your own dreams, then most likely a demon/alien/energetic vampire is controlling them for you, sucking everything you can, leaving you to wake up feeling tired as ever. This was a good enough story for me to want to try lucid dream and test it out (still working on it). I’ve also heard that some humans even mastered being able to astral travel and suck peoples energy that way as well, and many of these people belong to satanic cults and so on.

THEORY: So if the above were true, and if you can see astral worlds during you waking life, can you use this ability in your sleep to find answers to things not possibly given in our daily lives?

I believe that more science has to be focused on this particular area, at least this way people would be more willing to accept spiritual phenomena . Why not anyhow? It would be so much fun, and has been awhile since anything outrageous has been proven to become common knowledge (aka, when they found out the world wasn’t flat).

Hope this was a fun read!